Monday, September 9, 2013

Project Nursery

As described in my last post, I am planning to design and fully decorate a calming, soothing, neutral nursery space for Baby Boy No. 3 (still no name- not even close).

With every home decorating project, I am on a budget. My goal is to give the nursery a luxurious feel at minimum cost.  Here is what I need: chair, rug, new bedding, artwork, changing table pad cover, lighting, bookshelf/display, pillow, dresser repainted.  With repurposing current furniture and a lot of DIY, I am hoping to decorate the nursery for under $300.  It is going to be tough, but I think it can be done.  

So far, I have found a few things that I may end up using:
Scoutmob Shoppe art print $15
Etsy DotsOnTheWall Art print $6

A pendant similar to this... perhaps a DIY
Pier 1 frame $22-$35
Mohawk 5x8 shag rug from Home Depot for only $77. I
 couldn't believe my eyes!!
And it has excellent reviews!!!

That's what I got so far.  I have a few other ideas but still narrowing down options, etc....  That rug is a definite go though- I mean, how can I go wrong with $77!?!?

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  1. Congrats on #3, I had no idea. I JUST decided to resurrect my blog, and stop FBing. I like blogs better. So I will check yours on occasion!


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