Thursday, December 17, 2009

ABC Carpet & Home

Earlier this month my husband and I were able to travel back East for a quick weekend getaway. We hit up Boston, NYC, and D.C. (my hometown). While in NYC, I made it a point to stop in and oogle over all things beautiful at ABC Carpet & Home. It is 9 floors of amazing home decor....and there is something in there for everyone! Whether you are looking for dishes or textiles, modern or traditional you'll find it (at a hefty pricetag nonetheless). Unfortunately I didn't snap any photos, probably because I was too busy gawking and exploring. Here area a few inspiring photos I took off google search, but they do not do the store justice.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Man Shops Globe

If you haven't seen Man Shops Globe on the Sunday Channel, then you are missing out! Keith Johnson, buyer at large for Anthropologie, travels the world in hopes to find unique and one-of-a-kind pieces (homegoods not clothing) to furnish and distribute in Anthropologie's stores. It is the absolute dream job....traveling the world, visiting off-the-beaten-path decor shops and antique markets, being inspired by the unexpected.

Each episode is focused on a different country. There's India, Belgium, UK, France, South Africa, Turkey, Tunisia and Argentina. It is a great way to travel the world through his eyes, and see what each country offers in beauty and creativity.

One week Keith went to the UK and gave us a peek into the fabulous Blakes Hotel. It is a hotel to the likes of Lady Gaga, and if I had the money I'd stay there too! Each suite is decorated differently by the owner and designer, Anouska Hempel, a very eccentric lady! You are literally transported into a different world in each of her rooms, which is all thought through so carefully down to the nightstand nick-nacks. Here is a taste of a few of the rooms:

my personal fave; doesn't it look so relaxing!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Festive Jewel Tones

Photo courtesy apartment therapy

Changing of seasons brings more than bare trees. It brings a new color palette as well. The interior design industry has been fighting to keep up with the ever changing fashion industry, and will probably never entirely be able to do so, but color palette is one way it can.

Photo courtesy Southern Accents

The holiday season always seems to bring a rich new palette to work with, and this year is no different. I'm sure you have noticed the royal colors around you this season. Think jewel tones: peacock blue, deep amethyst, and rich gold. What could feel more festive.

Photo courtesy stylefiles

Here are some pieces you can buy to update your room from affordable and accessible sources.

Edie chaise lounge in ink blue from urban outfitters

The wave pillow in custard from CB2

Bianca pillow from ZGallerie

Blissliving Casablanca pillow

Thomas Paul Plum and Cream Rug

Some vases for a tabletop or bookshelf from Crate&Barrell

Avalon Sea Frame from Target

Fern Peacock Lamp by Stacy Garcia at Lamps Plus

Amethyst seaweed platter from

Amethyst Quartz formation for your tabletop (source unknown)
(there is a stunning cobalt version at anthro)
Gold Starburst mirror also from Target
(it would amazing against a rich blue or purple wall)
*or any gold statement mirror/frame

Octopus Wallpaper from Anthropologie

Adding a fresh coat of paint to any piece of furniture or hanging window frames would be a cheap and easy way to reinvent an existing piece.

Happy Decorating!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Renting? ... Make the best of what you have :)

So I don't think anybody is really happy with renting. We have been renters for the past 5 years (well more if you include college) and while it hasn't been awful, of course we'd rather own. When you own a home you get to put your stamp on it to reflect your style and personality. If you hate the floors, cabinets, walls, light fixtures you just rip them out and change them. When you rent, even getting a paint job approved is impossible.

So here's to making your house a home....for the time being.

We moved into a new townhome about 2 months ago and there were two areas I really wanted to atleast somewhat decorate right away.

First, the built-in entertainment center aka 'eyesore'. Lots of shelves means lots of pictures and other display items. Luckily I'm more of a pack rat when it comes to home accessories, so the only thing I bought was the 'wallpaper' background to add some interest in tie in all the colors. I'm drawn to a more eclectic style. While this isn't my 'dream bookcase display' (being on a budget and all) I used what I had and as Tim Gunn would say "made it work!"

Second was the upstairs loft. It is a big open space where we would put a play area and an office space. I was inspired by this photo because of the already white walls, the great rug, and the pops of color.

I added just a few items to what I already had. I made a framed ABC poster (but don't look too closely...the Q is missing....oops!), bought the two giant paper clips from TJMaxx and added wall hanging hooks to them, and bought the rug from west elm.

Instead of clogging the space with more bookshelves, I used the ledge at the top of the stairs as one instead.

Other ideas to making a house a home is adding curtains, area rugs, and painting/altering furniture to make it your own.

That's it for now. Have a great day!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

So I have been really inspired by industrial design lately, and if done right, you can turn it into a really homey feel. Anyways, here are some inspiring photos to take you into the weekend :)

an old shipbuilding space, how cool is that?

Love exposed brick! If I don't have it in a home we buy, I'll just have to add it!
images via Loft Life Magazine

West Elm

David Wild's Seattle Studio....amazing!

Designer Ryan Korban

Love these warehouse windows!
photo via Apartment Therapy

Dixie Chick singer Emily Robison's home featured in Metropolitan Home
She owns the seventh floor of an industrial building in San used to be a candy cool is that? Loved how she kept all the same architectural elements and integrated a clean, modern asthetic to emphasize that.

If you love the look of vintage industrial and live on the East Coast, check out City Foundry. I've never been but plan to on my next trip....doesn't it just look like heaven? Floor to ceiling of lights, chairs, desks, and more.

But if you are on the West Coast, there is a great store on Cedros Ave in Solano Beach called SoLo that has an awesome industrial design section (among other goodies).

Thursday, October 15, 2009

As a follow-up to my last post, I wanted to add a few more chandelier ideas. I haven't found an absolute favorite yet, but these should wet your appetite.

Shabby Chic
Notice most of the lighting hangs from the ceiling. Very feminine.

Rustic Elegance
Designed by Erin Martin via LaDolceVita

A Splash of Glam
Designed by Kishani Perera

Love the use of materials in the room, and the chandeliers add the classiness.
Soho House in NYC

Can I please have the chaise, the matching arm chairs and the chandelier?
Photo via Coco+Kelley

Love it or hate it, this chandelier is a statement piece!

Industrial Chic
LOVE IT! Circa Yoke Pendant; Domino photo

This white light, which I'm sure you all recognize, looks great against a strong color such as this cerulean.
Photo courtesy PollyPainting at Flickr

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