Sunday, October 28, 2012

A Hurricane's A-comin'

Hi there! How are all of you? It is madness in the New York area! In case you have been hiding under a rock, Hurricane sandy is fast approaching the mid-Atlantic coast.  This means batteries, flash lights, water and bread have been swiped off all the shelves. The subway system is shut down, and I believe school is off.  So it is going to be a stay-inside, possibly by the light of the fire kind of day(s)....sounds like a need for a bubble bath :)  In light of what's coming, here are some spaces I wouldn't mind getting stranded in! (bubble baths only)

Get prepared- and wish us luck!

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Zara Home

Did you know that Zara Home has officially launched in the US?  They have been selling overseas and I have been waiting! (Also waiting for H&M home!)  Anyways, take a look at Zara Home's website....I believe they are offering free shipping in the US, so you really can't go wrong :)  They have a ton of great accessories, linens, and tableware....with a lot of range.  Here are a few that caught my eye:

Happy Shopping!

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Thom Filicia's Lake House

The latest House Beautiful just arrived on my doorstep, and it was a real treat to catch a glimpse of Thom Filicia's Lake Scaneateles home in upstate New York.  I love lake houses, and do I dare say that I possibly love them more than beach houses?!?  I love the cozy, rustic, americana feel that they have to them.  And that is exactly what Filicia's getaway embodies. So without further adieu.....enjoy!

Tuesday, October 9, 2012


I think you all know (anyone out there???) that I have an affinity for trunks.  A while back I was on the hunt for one and my Mom found one at an antique shop. I had her buy it without even seeing it, and now it is a storage chest for dress up clothes in my oldest son's room.

Well today me and the kids were driving to the gym (finally!) and we passed a junk pile on a neighbor's corner.  I stopped because I'm still looking to fill my house with more, and saw this:

It's perfect and it was free!!!  The inside doesn't smell at all and is in great vintage shape.  My kids first thought I stole it, but then I explained that I'm just taking some else's trash.  Hm.  Still sounds weird.  But people around here just stick stuff they don't want anymore at the end of their driveway for trash pick-up.  Anyways, I'm psyched.  I've considered adding casters to make a coffee table, stacking smaller ones onto to make a nightstand, or placing it under a console table with blanket storage....aka adding some junk in my trunk  (I couldn't resist).  In any case I love my new treasured find and wanted to leave you with some trunk inspiration.

Coffee table: interesting conversational piece and excellent storage!

Love the side table look.  This one propped a tray onto for functionality

Rather than storage boxes or baskets, use suitcases

Foot of a bed for a more masculine look

Side table

Entry way console substitute

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