Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Coffee Table Styling

The coffee table is a multipurpose piece of furniture: it serves as a table to eat or drink from and more often it serves as the focal point of the room as center stage. 

**project from Jenna's last home over at @lunchpailsandlipstick

 It can be an excellent conversation starter and can also reflect your hobbies, interests, and of course style.   A well-curated coffee table has everything at its fingertips and also feels as though it has been collected over time- not just purchased in a one-stop-shop.  That is what I love about Chairish & Co.  Everything on their website is unique and tells a story.  They have hundreds of home decor items that are vintage, antique, and unique.  It is a perfect place to go for those that either don't have the time to go antiquing or don't have the convenience of weekend flea markets nearby.   

Here is a coffee table styling inspiration board I created from pieces solely from the Chairish Website. 

I love items that are quirky and different and make a statement.  I also love to be able to mix-and-match genres and decades and materials--it creates interest.  For me, there are a few key points I make sure to have when styling a coffee table to create both interest and cohesion: books/magazines, trays, decorative objects and candles are items that most everyone has lying around; add a succulent or an orchid and you've got it made.  Arranging those items in a bit more organized and proportioned way can help create balance; or you could create a theme either through subject matter or color.   Just keep in mind that your coffee table is one place where you can express yourself to others, and remember you can always change it up depending on the season, mood or guests.  

Here's a closer look at a project I did a while back for Jenna from @lunchpailsandlipstick.  

Have fun and happy styling!


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