Tuesday, February 28, 2012

House Beautiful

*Love the pink and mint color combo on the cover*

I am back from my relaxing Vegas vacation....filled with sun, food, shopping and dancing. I came back to a sick babe and the reality of 2 (well 3) crazy boys. Of course I had to stock up on some magazines for the plane ride and down time.

House Beautiful never disappoints. Here are a few of my favorite inspirational pics:

LOVE the X stool/ottomans in that wonderful dot fabric as well as the vintage mossy leather wingback. Very original. Great mix of fabrics.

Great bedroom mantel display...very personal...and chic

Hammertown garden salad servers for only $16....would make a chic housewarming gift

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Vegas, Baby

I'm off to Vegas this weekend for some much needed and much anticipated girl-time and all around 'break'. I'm sure there will be lots of laying out by the pool (keep our fingers crossed), shopping, yummy food, movies, dancing and girl talk. My bag is packed, and of course I picked up a few new magazines and the new I Heart Vegas (if you haven't read the I HEART series, it's a super fun, girly, quick read series).

What are your favorite things to do in Vegas? Places to eat? Lounges and dance clubs? I'd love to hear!....it's been a while since I've been last....

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

H.D. Buttercup

How was your President's Day Weekend? A few out of town ideas and plans fell through but we tried to make the most of being together with an open schedule :) One of the days, we took the train into San Francisco, because I have been dying to walk around HD Buttercup.

Perhaps I've been living under a rock, but I had no idea they had another location besides LA (one of my go-to's when I'm in town). They always have amazing stuff, unexpected displays, and I just wish I could take it all home when we move and need new furniture!

They had this amazing upscale man-cave room with to-die-for chrome and leather "airport chairs" (as my husband put it). Wish I took pics.

Basically, if you haven't already, check this store out. It's like a playground for home decor lovers :)

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Cupid's Party

I don't know about you, but our house is coming off of a sugar high this morning....lots of candy, chocolate and sugar cookies in our systems. It was a little rough getting up and getting my oldest off to school. All is all I hope you had a special and happy Valentine's Day and that somebody told you that you are loved :)
Yesterday, I decided to throw a little Valentine's party for my mini Valentine's. Here's a peak at the decor....

And the outfit...

It was a bit crazy seeing as though Jack (who is 4) was the oldest in the group, but I always love a reason to party! ...now does a President's Day party work or make sense?....

Saturday, February 11, 2012

I can dream....

All of this gloomy, wet winter weather has me daydreaming....

Doesn't that just look divine? Oh the day when we can have friends over, gather outside around a beautiful table with delicious food and great conversation.

In the meantime, I have a hot date with the hubby later....celebrating V-Day a bit early....starting in the afternoon and going into evening.

Any special weekend or holiday plans?

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Love Day Crafts

It's hard to believe Valentine's Day is only a week away! Holidays are so much more fun now with kids....and kids that are functional and know what is going on. Plus, it's an excuse to get out the scissors and glue and make some crafts.

The other day, Jack and I decided to make a Valentine's wreath (our own version). All of the supplies I either had or came from the dollar bin at Target.

We are also thinking of making some 'stained glass' hearts (wax paper and crayons)

as well as a love bug

I'm also hoping to get around to hosting a little Valentine's Shin-Dig for the kiddos. I've got a few ideas...

Have you gotten into the Valentine's Day Spirit?

Monday, February 6, 2012

Alameda Antique Fair

On the first Sunday of every month, the Alameda Antique Fair takes place. After living in the Bay area for almost 4 years now, I have never been able to go. I have heard great things about it and have been dying to check it out. I mean, look at that backdrop!

Finally, I just did it. I had planned to go at 6 am, when it opened and all the best things are there....but when I saw that it was still dark out I thought I was crazy (plus, I was just going to check it out, not looking for anything in particular). The next window I had open was after church and before the Superbowl.

Even though I was hours after it had opened, there was still TONS of hidden gems.

Love this mini chair....perfect at a kids coloring table

mid century dresser, only $350, almost came home with me

Vintage grain sacks

I have been looking for an antique silver vanity set...reasonably priced...

Over 10,000 people attend each month, and I did not see a SINGLE person leave empty-handed (I was definitely the only one....and that's only b/c I promised my husband I wouldn't buy anything).

I am DEFINITELY going again before we moving in June and

Friday, February 3, 2012

Favorite Things....Madewell

So another of my favorite things is the store Madewell. If you have not yet been exposed to this chain of stores, you need to find one nearest you and check it out. It is an off-shoot of the J.Crew brand, but a bit more casual/boho/anthro-ish. Alexa Chung has even teamed up to help with some of the designs.

I always love their clothes, but particularly love the spring 2012 line. It is bright and cheery and fresh, and I just about wanted to walk out with the entire store when I was in there.

Aside from the amazing clothes, I LOVE how they decorate their stores! It is very industrial, vintage-chic. Lots of reclaimed wood, iron, sea glass, antique homewares and linen curtains. See for yourself.

Happy Shopping!
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