Friday, February 3, 2012

Favorite Things....Madewell

So another of my favorite things is the store Madewell. If you have not yet been exposed to this chain of stores, you need to find one nearest you and check it out. It is an off-shoot of the J.Crew brand, but a bit more casual/boho/anthro-ish. Alexa Chung has even teamed up to help with some of the designs.

I always love their clothes, but particularly love the spring 2012 line. It is bright and cheery and fresh, and I just about wanted to walk out with the entire store when I was in there.

Aside from the amazing clothes, I LOVE how they decorate their stores! It is very industrial, vintage-chic. Lots of reclaimed wood, iron, sea glass, antique homewares and linen curtains. See for yourself.

Happy Shopping!


  1. When did the NoCAL stores open...I live in the wrong place:(

    Love the steam train!

  2. I had not heard of Madewell, but so glad I have now!


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