Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Christmas Mantle

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas….. don't think less of me.  I know it's not even Thanksgiving yet, but I wanted to get my mantle decorated for all of you :)  The kids and I got the decorations out this past weekend, and then I waited for Trader Joe's to get their shipment of fresh pine garland in.  It makes such a difference! (and for just $6.99 I got double what I needed).  I got a lot of the items from target with a few crate and barrell candlesticks that I had from last year and a West Elm snow globe.

The key to decorating your mantle is to create various heights as well as use a variety of textures.  Also, repeating items will make it seem more cohesive (notice I have 2 tall candlesticks, 2 white votives and 3 gold votives).

cutest little fox, I just couldn't resist

I seriously love my mantle this year, and loving having the warmth of the holiday candles and decor up at night.  It puts a smile on my face (that and Kelly Clarkson's "Underneath the Tree").

Now go get some fresh garland for your mantle and doorway!

With Love, 

Friday, November 14, 2014

'Tis the Season

A major cold front is coming through New York (and I believe most of the country) and it looks like the change in temperature is here to stay.  I was trying to hold out on decorating for Christmas until Thanksgiving, but this cold weather has got me in the mood.  There are always so many cute Christmas decorations on display, so I got a few new things to add to my collection.  I am actually looking forward to getting everything out, blasting some Mariah Carey "All I want for Christmas" and drinking apple cider.

Here a few things that have caught my eye that you could go grab this weekend.  I hope you are inspired-- when do you plan to decorate for Christmas? (I know I'm crazy- this is by far the earliest I will have ever put things up).

I'm a sucker for felt balls- wreaths, garlands, ornaments.
Plus, this is a great 'winter' wreath to stay up past the holidays

Don't you just want to snuggle under this tree?

West Elm had these last year too- but I love them! I love the simple, modern flair with the birch base.

Target mini fox made with straw like material.  So cute in person.  Great for mantle decorating, or putting at a kids table for nametags/gift

#Targetdoesitagain.  Right on track with white and gold.  Love it all. 

Restoration.  Love this! Much better than the DIY versions out there.

Restoration Hardware.  Could be fun for a blank wall or in windows.

I love a good snow village. My mom puts one on display every year.  I love this version in all white.
Plus, proceeds go to charity.  Pottery Barn.
For the CA beach home.  Pottery Barn.  

Pottery Barn.  We all need a great banner.
With Love,

Saturday, November 8, 2014

Grant's Nursery

I finally got around to photographing Grant's Nursery. I wanted to go for a gender neutral room, with a mixture of whites, grays, wood tones and a hint of navy.  It only took us to have a third kid for me to finally decorate a nursery.  I challenged myself to decorate this on a budget and I ended up decorating this room for under $450.  No joke.  (of course I already had quite a few pieces from the older 2 boys- like the crib and dressers- and I made a few things myself).  So here ya go!

Cutest model around :)


Source List:

Shag rug ($77!) and wooden blinds - Home Depot
Wooden spheres - needlepoint frames (Joanne's) and chain from the hardware store,
Mobile- made myself
Crib- Pottery Barn
Brown wardrobe, White Chair, tan throw, and bookshelves- Ikea
Gray Dresser- 'vintage' (used to be my husbands as a kid) I just repainted
White Chair and - ikea erktorp
Pillows- home goods,
Catching Fireflies artwork- Sarah Jane Studios
Norman Rockwell print- mine since high school
Chest- antique store
Mirror- antique family heirloom
Basket and pouf- Target

With Love,

Sunday, November 2, 2014

TV dilemnas

If you are like me, you have a love/hate relationship with that big sleek rectangle.  Though they are much more appealing to the eye than the older box versions, they just seem to be getting bigger.  I love my TV- I love my time when the kids are in bed and I can nestle up and watch my shows; but I really hate having it be the focal point of the room.

A lot of homes do not have a formal living room, but instead have a great room or a family room.  So that room needs to accommodate for good conservational seating areas as well as a few good TV watching spots.  As you flip through design magazines or professional photos online, a lot of designers will take out the TV or photograph the room minus the TV wall.  But we all know it's there, or will be put back.

When decorating other homes, I try to distract from the TV by placing it a bit off-center, placing artful objects or books next to it, hang an art collage around it, or even place it in a cabinet with doors.  Like I said, your only option may be 'above the mantle' or smack dab on that one perfect wall, but there are a few tricks you can do to distract the eye and make your TV placement a bit more tasteful.

Wall Gallery/collage around the wall-mounted TV
The TV blends into the gallery

Hidden TV in console.  Conveniently out of sight in a decorative piece of furniture.

Books place around the TV for decorative touches, as well as stools stored underneath console. Practical and stylish.

Notice the TV peeking out on the left.  I'm sure there is a sofa directly facing it, but y placing a chair directly next to the TV, it distracts from it and adds a more rounded conversational seating area. 

With Love, 
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