Thursday, July 18, 2013

Land of Nod

Some of you may know that we are expecting our 3rd.....BOY!! I'm six months along and baby rooms and kid rooms are on my mind.

One place that never disappoints is Land of Nod!  I just received their latest catalog and just had to share a few of their inspiration rooms and items.  They not only have great products, but they also have great stylists for their photo shoots!

Modern decor isn't just for adults.  Loving this dresser and especially the table lamp!

I think this bed is so cute.  It has a vintage feel.  Also comes in white, red and turquoise.  Red is awfully cute.

I'm obsessed with this bedding.  Perfect amount of floral, and love that bright blue background.  I don't have any girls, but may have to find a way to use it somewhere!

I wish you could see the whole photo..... they have this giant fabric bow and hanging paper air balloons. Very whimsical and fun.  

Wouldn't this be so cute in a nursery??? I just might have to have it

What are some of your favorite things from Land of Nod?

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

DIY lamps

Lately I have been loving lots of different and unique lamps, just not the price tags.  Since summertime is the time for flea markets and garage sales, it's also a perfect time to do some DIY projects (plus with warmer weather, you can actually paint and work outside).

So here are a few lamp ideas that you could easily duplicate with basically just a bit of paint:

Take a basic wooden lamp and use milk paint.  As a side note, that drum shade is easily adorned with a little glue and ribbon to trim. 

A basic lamp easily turned designed.  Channel your inner Picasso with a bold or contrasting color.   You could use any lamp base color- blue with white on top, or white with any color. 

Another basic lamp splattered with some gold paint.  Even easier tip- you could use a gold paint pen.  Remember to paint spots in different sizes and no pattern at all  You really can't mess this up.

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