Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Decorating with Maps

Some of you may know my obsession with maps. I just love them. I love them framed, I love them as a mural/ wallpaper, I love them as globes; I love the interest, I love the latitude and longitude lines, I love that they are a conversation piece. I personally think they look best in a library, an office, or a child's room.

This Sunday, I am holding an event for my church youth girls group and their's all about welcoming the new 12 year girls into the program. My inspiration for the evening is maps. amidst the craziness, I'll try to remember to show you some pics of the night. I'm excited!

So here's to inspiring maps. Happy globe trotting :)

Saturday, February 19, 2011

The Four Poster

I am obsessed with the four poster bed. For the longest time, I was mad over a chic upholstered headboard but that has now come and gone. Now it's all about the the four poster. I personally love the modern straight line style that you can find at Crate and Barrell, Thom Felicia for Vanguard, Room & Board and Anthropologie just to name a few. Enjoy the pics. They make me want to curl up in bed with all this rainy weather we are getting!

Friday, February 4, 2011

High Gloss Magazine

Hooray for another fabulous online magazine...High Gloss! I just finished scouring the pages, and I must say, that this is my favorite online design magazine yet! I loved the features, loved the overall layout, and left truly inspired.

I liked some of the celebrity features, like what is in Chelsea Handlers travel bag and Louise Roe's jet style. It also had several new, fresh and stylish interiors...I specifically liked the one of popular blogger Jamie Meares from I Suwannee (love the colorful painting!)

as well as Tia Zolden's makes me want to decorate for spring!!

So when you have some time to surf the net this weekend, be sure to check out High Gloss won't disappoint!
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