Sunday, January 27, 2013

La Fiorentina

I am trying to do the finishing touches on our family room, and cannot shake this fabric from my head...La Fiorentina by David Hicks for Lee Jofa. I must use it in some way or another; I'm hoping the tan colorway upholstered on a chair.  But it also looks fab on an ottoman, or upholstered headboard or pillow (basically anything!).  It also works great with a variety of styles: eclectic, glam, neutral, colorful....  In the meantime, here are some La Fiorentina images to get you swooning too....

My those chairs!!

Not necessarily in this room with that bedding....

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Ikea Hack Campaign Style

All of you pinterest pinners have seen the campaign style ikea dresser hacks floating around.  Well, in our new place, we are dying for some furniture with storage.  Being on a budget, ikea is our best friend. However, I was feeling crafty and wanting to make something my own.

So I started with this: a whopping $34.99

Then I got a 'get two pints free' at my local paint store that sold Benjamin Moore

I bought some cheap corner brackets from Home Depot and some not so cheap (for this project) but worth it campaign brass pulls offline from Ansaldi and Sons.  Two coast of paint and hardware installation later..... (I wish I could say that I did it all in one day, but with the holidays, freakishly cold weather, and plain laziness...and needing the hubs to help me drill b/c I don't trust myself...this took a LOT longer than planned).

I am not done styling, hence the finger painting in the background.  The color is not so bright purple in person, and actually turned out a bit more purple than the purple-blue I was going for.  Live and learn.  It's a fun accent piece in the main room, and super affordable!

Friday, January 18, 2013

California Cool

To set off the middle of winter, post-holiday blues, I thought I'd welcome the sunshine with some interiors.  Perhaps it's because I've lived in California the past 7 years, or that I love the beach, the beach lifestyle and white and linen fabrics, but I really love the California Cool style.  What is that exactly? Well, it's a mixture of things.  It makes you feel good and happy; it's bright and welcoming and homey (not pretentious); it's linen and natural materials; it's boho-chic; it's eclectic; it's rustic; it's nautical (but not in a coastal-living kind of way).  In any case I love it, and I love to channel it in decorating.  For a bit of inspiration and sunshine enjoy these California Cool living spaces!

Meanwhile, some sunshine is coming my way as I'm getting to enjoy a Girl's Weekend in NYC for the big 3-0 (don't make me say it).  I'm in denial, but trying to embrace it all at the same time (after all, I do have 2 kids and have been married 7 1/2 years, so I should probably be in my 30s by now).  

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Off-Topic: restaurant finder

Indulge me for a minute while I go off-topic for the typical LOVE OF INTERIORS post.  Next weekend I'm turning 30 (...still can't say it out loud...)  To make the blow a little softer a few of my GFFs are flying in for a girl's weekend in the city (NYC that is, in case you can't keep up with our moves).  Planning things is always right up my alley, tho this one has me a bit consumed.  I want to plan and not plan all at the same time.  Part of the fun in any big city is going with the flow and seeing where life takes you.  However, there are a few things that HAVE to be planned.  One is hotel and two is a Saturday night dinner reservation (based around where you want to go out afterwards).  New York City has a PLETHORA of dining options.  Many great and many not-so-great.

There are two websites I have been consulting.  They are up with the scene, and give amazingly honest reviews.

1. Refinery 29.  Blog and website.  I follow on a regular basis, but you can also search the database.  It has different versions for various big cities (LA, NYC, SF, CHI, DC).  Love to consult this for fashion, hotels, hot-spots, happenings, anything culture.

2. Immaculate Infatuation.  Pure restaurant finer.  Has a GREAT 'search engine'. You pick what type of 'going out' you are looking for (i.e., girls night out, Action at the Bar, Neighborhood Hang, etc...) then what neighborhood you want to be in, and lastly what museum/club/etc you want to be near.  Pretty concise.  They seem to have the random out-of-NY restaurant recommendation, but mostly for New Yorkers.

So, there ya go.  I still have some planning to do but glad to have some extra inside help.  I'll keep you posted on where we end up!

Friday, January 11, 2013

Pantone Color of the Year 2013

Every year Pantone names a new color of the year!  This affects all design industries- both fashion and interiors.  Last year was tangerine tango, 2011 was honeysuckle, 2010 was turquoise (ah, turquoise....I remember this most of all), and so on.  This year's color has been named EMERALD GREEN.

It's kind of ironic because I absolutely love this color, and just recently bought two items in it..... (and I have not been shopping hardly at all lately!!)  (**ala anthro and madewell)

I love emerald green for the rich, bold color that it is. I also feel like it can be an extremely fresh, happy, vibrant hue when paired with a neutral color palette.

My favorite use is in a green velvet upholstery.  It looks so rich and inviting.  This is paired with the classic trellis pattern

More velvet love
Even more velvet love.  But really loving the chandelier, white sofa and patchwork rug.
I love this glossy Emerald Green wall. What a statement, and it looks classy!

Another wall painted. This time it's paired with contrasting colors. for a really bold statement.

Go glam or go home.  Emerald is a perfect fit for an accent color in the Hollywood Regency style
If you don't want to go big, but want to be in on the trend, add some Emerald in small doses...a bauble or chachki, lamp, bookend, pillow
So, are you going to hop on the Emerald Green train?

Friday, January 4, 2013

New Year, New You! {home}

Happy 2013 everybody!  That was my first time actually writing the year!  I hope you all had a wonderful Holiday....we are still recovering and getting back into the swing of things.  A new year gives us all a perfect excuse for a fresh start..... become a better person, be more organized, join a gym, the list goes on.  But it is also a perfect excuse to freshen up you home!  Pretty much every home store is having a sale right now, so it really is a perfect time to buy!

ZARA HOME:  up to 50% off

RESTORATION HARDWARE:  20% on all full-priced items

WEST ELM: 20% off bedding and bath

COST PLUS: up to 50% off

BALLARD DESIGNS: 15% off all furniture

I hope there was some inspiration for you.  I tried to incorporate images of various styles.  Remember, in decorating there are no rules.  If you fall in love with a piece, you'll "make it work" somehow (Tim Gun anyone?!?)  Happy shopping!  Let me know if you find anything!
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