Thursday, January 24, 2013

Ikea Hack Campaign Style

All of you pinterest pinners have seen the campaign style ikea dresser hacks floating around.  Well, in our new place, we are dying for some furniture with storage.  Being on a budget, ikea is our best friend. However, I was feeling crafty and wanting to make something my own.

So I started with this: a whopping $34.99

Then I got a 'get two pints free' at my local paint store that sold Benjamin Moore

I bought some cheap corner brackets from Home Depot and some not so cheap (for this project) but worth it campaign brass pulls offline from Ansaldi and Sons.  Two coast of paint and hardware installation later..... (I wish I could say that I did it all in one day, but with the holidays, freakishly cold weather, and plain laziness...and needing the hubs to help me drill b/c I don't trust myself...this took a LOT longer than planned).

I am not done styling, hence the finger painting in the background.  The color is not so bright purple in person, and actually turned out a bit more purple than the purple-blue I was going for.  Live and learn.  It's a fun accent piece in the main room, and super affordable!


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