Wednesday, July 10, 2013

DIY lamps

Lately I have been loving lots of different and unique lamps, just not the price tags.  Since summertime is the time for flea markets and garage sales, it's also a perfect time to do some DIY projects (plus with warmer weather, you can actually paint and work outside).

So here are a few lamp ideas that you could easily duplicate with basically just a bit of paint:

Take a basic wooden lamp and use milk paint.  As a side note, that drum shade is easily adorned with a little glue and ribbon to trim. 

A basic lamp easily turned designed.  Channel your inner Picasso with a bold or contrasting color.   You could use any lamp base color- blue with white on top, or white with any color. 

Another basic lamp splattered with some gold paint.  Even easier tip- you could use a gold paint pen.  Remember to paint spots in different sizes and no pattern at all  You really can't mess this up.

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