Monday, February 6, 2012

Alameda Antique Fair

On the first Sunday of every month, the Alameda Antique Fair takes place. After living in the Bay area for almost 4 years now, I have never been able to go. I have heard great things about it and have been dying to check it out. I mean, look at that backdrop!

Finally, I just did it. I had planned to go at 6 am, when it opened and all the best things are there....but when I saw that it was still dark out I thought I was crazy (plus, I was just going to check it out, not looking for anything in particular). The next window I had open was after church and before the Superbowl.

Even though I was hours after it had opened, there was still TONS of hidden gems.

Love this mini chair....perfect at a kids coloring table

mid century dresser, only $350, almost came home with me

Vintage grain sacks

I have been looking for an antique silver vanity set...reasonably priced...

Over 10,000 people attend each month, and I did not see a SINGLE person leave empty-handed (I was definitely the only one....and that's only b/c I promised my husband I wouldn't buy anything).

I am DEFINITELY going again before we moving in June and


  1. ahh, remember when we said we were going to go...and it never happened. Now you have been...another reason I need to come visit in the next few months:) Ive always wanted cute little school chairs for my kids rooms

  2. My sister and I have been going for the past few years... We get there really early (7am) especially if we are looking for big pieces. It is so much fun- and it has become so popular. It was nowhere near as busy a few years back... Oh well- all good things catch on!


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