Thursday, October 15, 2009

As a follow-up to my last post, I wanted to add a few more chandelier ideas. I haven't found an absolute favorite yet, but these should wet your appetite.

Shabby Chic
Notice most of the lighting hangs from the ceiling. Very feminine.

Rustic Elegance
Designed by Erin Martin via LaDolceVita

A Splash of Glam
Designed by Kishani Perera

Love the use of materials in the room, and the chandeliers add the classiness.
Soho House in NYC

Can I please have the chaise, the matching arm chairs and the chandelier?
Photo via Coco+Kelley

Love it or hate it, this chandelier is a statement piece!

Industrial Chic
LOVE IT! Circa Yoke Pendant; Domino photo

This white light, which I'm sure you all recognize, looks great against a strong color such as this cerulean.
Photo courtesy PollyPainting at Flickr

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