Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Clever Children's Book Storage

Whomever of you has kids, you know that reading is an important part of yours and their lives.  I love reading and hope to instill that same love in my children as well.  Having books on display appeals visually to kids and shows them its importance. We keep books stored in various parts of our home so that if we are ever having a bit of down time, we can just grab a book and read, easily accessible.  So if you are like us and have acquired quite the library of picture books, storing and displaying can be a challenge.  Here are some ideas to help you with that....some traditional, some not so traditional:

love these books in the wagon!

Notice the baskets and shelves. Baskets are an obvious and chic way to store children's items, especially in a grown up space

My favorite most inexpensive storage display is by using the ikea spice racks and a bit of paint (I'll probably use this idea for baby no. 3's nursery):

Putting the shelves at a lower level allows little hands to reach them better.

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