Saturday, September 7, 2013

Neutral Nursery Inspiration

If anybody is still out there and actually checks in on my blog and is interested in my inspirations, this one's for you (well and me).  I am 8 months pregnant and have nursery on my brain, bigtime.  Within the next few weeks I plan to move the two boys into a shared room (the current crib room) and then create a nursery.  This is my 3rd baby (another sweet baby boy!) and my first time truly committing to getting a room set up.  Ive never had a chair/rocker to nurse in the room, and only partially decorated. Sad, I know.  But we have been moving so often (basically every year in some form or another) that this is the first time we know we will be here atleast 2 more years. So the incentive is there.

In any case, I'd like to do a calming, soothing, cozy nursery space.  I'm thinking whites, creams, greys, gold, natural fiber textures, etc.  I tend to like color in my home, so this will be a different kind of space for me.

Here are is one of my biggest inspirational spaces:

(this is the set of the Tracy Anderson Pregnancy Project. It's the only photo I could find. Isn't it so soothing?)

Here are a few more inspirational spaces:

Stick with me as I will show you my progress and insights throughout the process (and of courser eventually a final product).  So here it goes...and please hold me to it!!!!

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