Sunday, March 25, 2012

Up All Night

Sometimes it is a little fun to stray from the typical design post. Do any of you readers watch "Up All Night"? It is one of those shows that has gotten funnier and funnier. Perhaps it is because it mimics a similar stage of life that we are in right now, but I find Maya Rudolf, Christina Applegate, and Will Arnett to be really funny!

There is nothing better than relaxing at the end of the day with a yummy treat and something to laugh at. Other funny shows....."New Girl", "Happy Endings", and sometimes "Are You There, Chelsea?"

What funny shows are you watching?


  1. My favorite is Modern Family. I love Up All Night, too!

  2. up all night is hysterical - and "H.E." is the funniest show on tv right now. forget the office, right?! Just taped Bent last week and if you can get past the slightly suggestive humor, it's pretty funny (ala quick-wit happy endings humor)

    we watch whitney sometimes too.


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