Monday, March 19, 2012

Bathroom Furniture?

If you are lucky enough to have a large enough bathroom to have extra furniture, what would you have or would you at all? Admittedly, I remember watching an episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians (probably TMI) and noticed they had like a full lounge area in the bathroom. It struck me as completely odd. But then I thought, it might be kind of nice to keep your spouse company when one is getting ready. It's kind of like a TV above the tub....I've sort of come around to the idea after my Dad installed one in their master bath and saw how much he loved it (well I don't cringe at the idea, although I wouldn't put one in my home).

From a design standpoint, I'm all about filling an empty space with something interesting or beautiful, whether it's a piece of furniture, art, chair, or other object. I just don't know about an entire sofa or chaise lounge.

So are you a "Please sit and stay a while?" or "Get the job done" kind of bathroom?


  1. hey i loove your blog and am now a follower too! ;)
    about the curtains, thanks! i think painting would probably be easier but sewing just looks nicer (in my opinion)

    1. Hi Crystal,
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  2. I've had one bathroom that was large enough for a piece of furniture and I used a Swedish cabinet for extra towels and supplies. It felt so decadent!

  3. OOh I love the idea. Terrycloth covered chaise or slipper chair? I'd love for my little girl(s) someday to 'help mommy' get ready for a big night out. Or vice versa! It is definitely a luxury though. Who has that sort of space? Right next to my mirrored walk-in closet, right? :)

    Love nickel-plated accent tables in bathrooms too, sarah richardson does that really well.


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