Monday, January 3, 2011

Chesterfield Sofa

HAPPY 2011 everybody! I hope you were all able to ring in the new year with family, friends, and lots of fun! We went to a minute-to-win-it party again this year- and it is ALWAYS a good time! (and a double bounus that we didnt have either kid with us!)

Lately I have been both busy and lacking inspiration, so today I am posting in response to a friends question. She recently bought a beautiful new house, and they have this living room/front room that she needs help with. She has bought two beautiful chesterfield sofas that right now are facing eachother pushed all the way against the walls. There is probably about 7-8 feet between the sofas. A catch to the room...the far wall has double doors to go out to the outdoor patio/fireplace space and it gets used quite a bit. So there must be a flow to the room.

A couple of options:

1. Place a console behind the sofa poushed back to the front window....this will create interest to the room and depth as well as functionality (surface area for drinks). I would put two lamps, picture frames, books or other fun design elements.

2. Instead of one big coffee table, which will blog the flow to the outside, split them up. Two square table off balanced would be functional as well as stylish. I'm thinking nothing too heavy. Simple thin legs and either a thin wooden top or glass.

3. The high arms present a bit of an akward dilemna with side tables. If you have a really large space with tall ceilings, you could be creative and use something like a wine barrell or stool that will match the height of the arms (or close to it). Otherwise, you might not really need a side table. Fill the space with something else, like a cool magazine rack, a floor lamps, a basket of blankets (since it's right by the outdoor patio space).

4. It would be great to 'bring the outdoors in' in this space and play with different materials- wood, linen, metals, etc. I also love the garen (Palmers) stools. In the entryway corner, my friend is going to put a chair, so next to the chair it would be perfect to have one of these stools as a side table....or next to one of the sofas.

5. Definitely a big beautiful rug with a pattern to tie the space in.

I'm excited to see the space finished. Here are a few more inspiring pics related to these types of ideas. Enjoy!


  1. Wow!! wonderful blog post!! and good attractive design creativity!!Thank you for sharing this blog..

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  2. Oh yay! Thanks Britt! i'm so excited that you did this for me! I will have to go back and study this whole post!

  3. I love the first photo in this post. In my dream home- I will decorate very similar to this I can imagine. With a few pops of yellow.


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