Monday, December 20, 2010

Last Minute Gifts

Just a few days to go until Christmas, and if you are like me, no matter how prepared you try to be, there is always SOMEBODY you still need to buy a gift for. I usually go for practical gifts that people will use or need, so this year I have been trying really hard to think our of the box this year and give something fun. Here are a few things I've stumbled upon to help you brainstorm some last minute gift ideas.....

For those living in rain in the winter like myself:

Hunter Wellies

Burke Decor carries these industrial and whimsical ABC coasters:

Thomas Paul glasses case....only $15

For all you letter writers out there.... A Wax Seal from Katrina Alana

Book and Design Lovers: American Fashion Designers At Home

For the Green-lover:

Water Carafe made from recycled glass

For Him:

what would a list be without the I-Pad?

Kiehls Ultimate Man Collection
I feel like I could go on, but my 3 year old rerally wants to play games on the computer, and I've got some more shopping to do!

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