Saturday, April 28, 2012

Xtra Large Bolster Pillow

Life has been crazy lately and will only get crazier. I went to Utah for my brother's graduation last weekend, I took on a last minute job (more of that to come), my hubs is graduating from business school, we are getting ready to move/store our stuff for the summer, which means I need to pack enough things for us to survive for the summer, spring cleaning, the list goes on. In any case, the sun is shining and spring is in full bloom! I have been LOVING the extra long bolster pillows as of late. They look amazing on a bed.....especially if you don't like having a ton of extra throw pillows but want to add another pattern or texture. They also look great on a love seat. In any case, I love 'em.
Any of you own a bolster? If so, what's the pattern like and where did you put it?

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  1. Hi, Brittany. I stumbled upon your blog last week when I was looking up the blog of Design Star Contestant Britany Simon. Glad I found you, as I'm liking what I'm seeing. New follower!


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