Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Giveaway Winner Lauren Prince's DC Apartment

Lauren Prince was the lucky giveaway winner. She is moving out of her college apartment into a young and working adult apartment with a friend in D.C. Lauren describes her style as bold and colorful, and likes graphic designs. She has an orange velvet couch from her parents, and a black TV stand and black square kitchen table. She wants to be budget conscious, but doesn't want that to restrict her from missing out on a fabulous piece to build upon and have in her collection. She also likes to entertain so wanted some extra seating (hence 2 Bartoia chairs...they don't take up much space and the eye goes through them like the lucite table to make the space feel more open).

I was inspired by her couch- loved the bold color, the texture and thought the lines would work well with both modern and some mid-century inspired pieces. I found a bold rug to build the room around. Lauren was also smart to suggest a grey wall, which I of course completely agreed with.
Design is all in the details, so Lauren will get the chance to pick her accessories on her own and personalize the space. Aside from the standard photos, books, candle and magazines, I advised her to pick unique pieces and stay with grey, blue, orange and mustard. A few suggestions were:




urban outfitters




antique stores


framed monarch butterly from etsy

I can't wait to see the outcome! Keep posted for the final product!

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  1. Cute ideas Britt. I can't see you suggested accessories. For some reason those bottom pictures aren't showing up for me, but I love your story board. The room will look so sophisticated. :) I'll be interested to see how it all comes together.


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