Saturday, January 17, 2015

Home Office Organization

Whether you have a home business or not, or a home office room or nook, we all have an area where we file papers and pay the bills.  We have a specific room, especially because of my home business, but it also becomes a dumping zone.  Here are a few cute, clever and of course STYLISH 'home office' organizational tools I would love for my own space!

Roll Call: Lucite clip board? yes please!
CUTEST binder i've ever seen!

No more bending under the desk to find your plug in...
Poppin Stacking Letter trays.  I like their modern shape and color options and love that you can mix and match sizes.

We live in a 'wireless world' yet we need all those power chargers! Keep them from getting in the way.

A cork board is so important to pin up inspiring images, lists,  invitations, etc...

LOVE the color!

It's decorative and practical.


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