Monday, September 29, 2014

DIY Tassle Garland and Fall Mantle

If you have been browsing the internet or pinterest at all, then you know these tassle garlands are all the rage.  While I did find a pre-made kit at target the other day, making it yourself allows you to choose your own color scheme and get a little DIY project under your belt (that is not too time consuming).

All you need is some tissue paper, scissors and bakers twine.  I wanted to make a garland for fall, so I chose white, gold and orange.  I took two sheets of each.

Fold in half, then half again, then half again.  Cut 1/2" strips with leaving about 2" on top hear the folded part.  when you unroll it all, you'll see you may need to cut some edges to separate them.  In the end you should have 8 pieces of each color.  fold in half around your finger and twist.

String the papers through in whatever pattern (I used a dull needle for this part).  You'll then want to pinch each one around the string to hold it in place.

This time of year I also love the pumpkin twigs from Trader Joes….for $7.99 how can you go wrong?


So there's the beginnings to a Fall Mantle.  Just a few cheap and easy additions can really bring in the warmth of the season.  Happy decorating!

With Love, 

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