Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Inspiration: pink and blue

A friend inspired me with this post: pink and blue.  Would you, could you, in a house? Would you, could you, in a room? It isn't just for newborn.  I have been really loving the pink and blue color combo lately, and am excited for my friend that she gets to use it :)  Pink and blue can go in many combinations: navy and bright pink, pink and teal, pale pink and periwinkle, or pale pink and mint.

Sometimes it's hard for people to visualize or come around to something new or different, so here are some images to get you inspired too!

the olive greens helps neutralize the palette

More bold and preppy

Very subtle.  The rest of this design by Samantha Pynes is gorge.

Loving the pale pink and mint

pink and periwinkle.  Also beautiful

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