Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Water For Elephants

Inspiration comes from all art forms...

I saw Water For Elephants a few months back and absolutely loved it! I loved the costumes, the time period, the was just beautiful.

Well I stumbled upon this amazing wedding shoot based on the movie Water For Elephants from the website It took my breath away. The photographer Marilyn Nakazato describes the shoot,
“It’s not necessarily trying to mock the look of the movie but rather how we imagined what the main characters, Jacob and Marlena played by Rob and Reese, and how their wedding would have been like. It’s almost as if they had collected things they found in their homes and brought them outside, set their furniture on a nearby grassy area with the trains in the background. The ceremony area was created with a wrought iron gate intertwined with moss and wood to bring a simple and rustic feel.”

Every detail is whimsical, vintage, magical and perfection!

I am also a huge SYTYCD fan and loved the Water For Elephants-inspired group dance. Breathtaking.

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