Friday, July 30, 2010

Which are you?

A decorating discussion with a friend the other day leads me to this question... Which style fits you?

Do you prefer more simple, perhaps tailored, matching design where everything has a place a purpose and is clean?


Or do you prefer eclectic design, where things don't necessarily match but they go together...different styles fused into one room..."anthropologie-esque"?

I personally am a mix of both. In master bedrooms, I like symmetry and clean lines and a simple color palette. Bathrooms I feel the same. But in all other rooms I like to mix it rooms, living rooms etc.... it is fun to play with pattern, color, old and new, and quirky unexpected items.


  1. i totally agree! i LOVE symmetry in bedrooms! other than nurseries, of course. i am trying to branch out from my symmetrical, clean routes. either way, i love decluttered rooms!

  2. I am all about de-cluttered spaces as well so I think I lean more to a tailored more simple look. I try to be eclectic. But I think if you have to try you just aren't

  3. Sheesh! What a great question! Thinking I am a mix too...such good images for examples! Loving your blog!

  4. I think I with you on that one Britt and like a little bit of both. I think when I was younger I loved a more "anthropologie" look, but as I am getting older I am really liking cleaner lines a lot more. I also think toys all over my house has me loving a decluttered look too.


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