Monday, May 3, 2010

Pretty Little Things....

....for the Kitchen!

I thought it might be fun to do a "Pretty Little Things" series and change up the topic. To start things off, I always seem to find the cutest little things for the Kitchen. Kitchen accessories are usually priced well and you can easily justify buying a new dishrag, spoonholder, or other fun items to add a little spice to your kitchen.

I got inspired by these two lovelies from Jayson Home & Garden:
Couldn't you just see yourself snacking on the seasonal fruit out of them?
Or having a garden party displaying yummy treats on these from Rosanna Inc?

Or sip a drink poolside

Eat some ice cream
(I just love the colors and patterns of these....also available in plates)
Or add these to your dinner table

*All from Crate and Barrell

And of course Etsy has a ton of wonderful, handmade tea towels to swap out your old one!

*Banana Sting Ray Screen Printed Kitchen Towel

*Spring Tea Towel

Super cute straws to display or use!


Adorable recipe boxes in lucite containers with lots of cute patterns!


*Both from

It's always fun to add a little bit of summertime fun to your kitchen and entertaining repertoire!

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