Sunday, April 18, 2010


I can't wait for this beauty to arrive

I have long been a lover of all things Eames, but not necessarily the price tag that comes with it. I love the whimsical yet simple and modern style. Caitlin over at found an Eames rocker chair knockoff for an affordable $100! I have wanted this chair, or something like it, for over a year now so I jumped at the opportunity! I am all for supporting the original designer, but with business school debt looming in our near future, I think I'm justified in getting the knockoff.

It is a smaller size (as is most modern and European inspired furniture) so I'm still deciding where to put it once it to the couch for extra seating, a reading nook, or in the nursery? So for now, here are some inspiring photos:

images via google image, stylecarrott, and fourwallsandaroof

Where would you put it in your home?


  1. Ok, I could've sworn I posted here...
    I am so jealous! I have wanted one of these forever and when I saw them on Caitlin's blog I was wishing Ty wanted one too. :)Can't wait to see where you put it.

  2. i LOVE IT! i think it would be so cute in a nursery! nice steel of a deal, brit!


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